Ways to Play at NAMC

Once a month we we venture off to explore locations throughout the city such as zoos, museums, tours, indoor play places, and more.
From paint and markers to felt and fabric, we'll utilize just about every art supply you can think of to make Pinterest worthy kiddo crafts.  Come get messy with us!
The Club organizes and pays for various kids parties each year for all the kids and families.
An interactive story time with singing and dancing geared towards children toddler-preK ages. Not currently active
Playgroups are the #1 reason moms love the Club. In fact, many of us attend more than one playgroup so our different kids can enjoy playing with friends their own ages.
Great conversations about great books! The book group chooses a new book each month to read and discuss.  We've also been on a few field trips to movies based on the books we read.
Members often find themselves in need of a little help, especially around the birth or adoption of a new child or surgery.  Our Care Calendar coordinates meals to be delivered by other members in t
This group is know for sending people into fits of laughter.  We meet every other month and each event has a new game such as Cards, Apples to Apples, Loteria, Bingo, or a game of your choice!
This group meets quarterly to discuss our and our families health and nutrition, fitness tips, and the occasional guest speaker.  Past activities include:
One night a month, we get together at a local restaurant, wine bar or dancehall to enjoy an evening with just the gals.
Each year, we organize fall and spring retreats so our moms can have a break and enjoy time relaxing with friends.