Join the Club

Q. “Do I need to learn a secret handshake to join the Club?”

A. “Nah. We did away with that years ago!”

We’re kidding about the handshake. Actually, the qualifications to join are very simple – if you are a mom with young children in the North Austin area (and surrounding areas like Cedar Park, Round Rock, and Pflugerville), then you are just the person we are looking for. Consider yourself personally invited to join the North Austin Mothers Club.

Simply complete a registration form and submit it with your membership dues (links below). Along with a bunch of new friends for you and your kids, you’ll get the following:

  • Weekly playgroups for your children
  • Access to a plethora of Special Interest Group (SIG) activities like arts and crafts, field trips, book club, movie outing, mothers night out, etc...
  • Monthly meetings with informative and entertaining speakers 


  1. Fill out the registration form here:
  2. Then proceed to PayPal to pay dues:  
    2. Choose "Send Money to Friends and Family"  
    3. Type in to find our group
    4. Annual membership to NAMC is $48

Note: Once you fill out the registration form our membership coordinator will add you on our member Facebook page (She will need to "friend" you on Facebook to do this) and our Google group. We use a private Facebook page to communicate and organize most of our events.  Playgroup is scheduled through Google Groups.

 EMAIL us for any questions! We would like to make contact with you so we can help you get involved in the next activity coming up.